Monday, October 29, 2012

Holiday Drawings!

December’s holidays are full of great things to draw — Santa and reindeer, starry nights and snowmen, New Year’s fireworks, menorrahs, angels and more. So, as we do every year, we’re inviting K-12 students in Richland, Lexington and Kershaw counties to create their own original holiday drawings.

Because we receive so many great drawings every year, we're expanding to run our favorites from Dec. 1-Jan. 1. They will appear in our Metro section, and at

Again, the deadline for submissions is Wednesday, Nov. 28.
Here's what you need to know:
--Please include students' first and last names, grade and school.
--Designs should fit on an 8½ x 11 piece of paper. They may be submitted on paper or electronically, scanned into a .jpg format.
--Send your card electronically, as a .jpg attachment, in an email to me.


Robin L. Hardy, Ed.D.
Assistant Principal
Dent Middle School
803.699.2750 (ext. 72202)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Palmetto Pride Art Contest

Palmetto Pride Art Contest

 Students will be able to participate in a Palmetto Pride Art Contest.  Read the information below or click on the Title above for more information.

All students are encouraged to participate, though only one will move on to represent our school.  Students will be given information on the morning show.  Students should request paper through the art room during their related arts class time. Classes will vote for one piece of work to represent their class and then one to represent their grade.  Faculty and staff will vote which piece goes on to represent NSES. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

More Family Art Activities!

Winter Workshops
Thursday, December 20, and Friday, December 21
Our Winter Workshops engage kids in hands-on learning and spark creativity. Registration opens Thursday, November 1. Our camps this year are:
Unicorns, Yetis, Dragons – Oh my!
9:00am – Noon (4 – 5K)
Ready, Set, Rothko!
9:00am – 4:00pm (Grades 1st – 5th)
The Alchemy of Art
9:00am – 4:00pm (Grades 6th – 8th)
Portfolio Building 101
9:00am – 4:00pm (Grades 9th – 12th)
We are especially excited about our Portfolio Building 101 workshop, which is being taught by Dustin Shores, art professor at Winthrop University. Students will learn how to photograph, organize and present their artwork to colleges and universities. This class is not to be missed by your eager and ambitious art student! Scholarships are available, so if you know of a dedicated teen, email for more information.

Family Art Activity...

Spooktacular Night at the CMA is fun for the whole family. On Saturday, October 27 from 5:00 - 9:00 pm, wear your favorite costume and partake in CMA's Haunted Gallery Hunt for prizes, take a "spooky" tour, enjoy the magic of John Tudor, visit the Garden of Curiosities, win a Winter Workshop session, travel from art station to art station, and dance to the magical music mix of Preach Jacobs. No costume, no worries. Have your face painted instead! Getting hungry? Buy dinner from Pawley's Front Porch Food Truck. All this fun is free for CMA members or with the cost a Spooktacular Family Admission of just $10.00.
Kerry Kuhlkin-Hornsby
Director of Education

Monday, October 22, 2012

Art Club Explorations!

Art Club is having an amazing year thus far.  We have done so many projects.  We completed a 9/11 memorial on our first meeting.  Then we celebrated the creativity of dots for International Dot Day.  When we completed our dot creations we were able to explore the power of lines.  We created an image of a hand by using only straight and curving lines. 


This week we will be exploring a thematic project on the fall season and for a few students the Halloween Holiday.  Children will be working with clay to create pumpkin bowls. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

SCAEA Flag Design

SCAEA Flag Design
We are looking for artists to submit flag designs to represent our state at the "School Flags Across the U.S.... Flying High" exhibit next year at the NAEA convention.
  • The flag idea should incorporate the YAM logo below.
  • The logo can be hand-drawn.
  • Students can use the national theme or ideas that are unique to our state.
  • The final flag will be 3' x 5', so designs should be in a horizontal layout.
  • Designs can be in color.
  • Ideas can be mailed to: Angel Harris, 5201 Old Glory Lane, Summerville, SC 29485 or sent electronically to:
  • The deadline for submitting ideas is Friday December 21st.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

In the artroom...

Here at NSE all grade levels are working hard to create meaningful pieces of art for their families.  We are currently working on portrait lessons for a fundraiser.  In February, NSE will hold an Artome fundraiser for a PTO night.  The portraits will be professionally framed, matted, and on display for parents and families to view.  If parents would like to purchase the work the art and frames will be on sale for only $25.00.  The money raised will go towards the art program and towards a new ceramic kiln.  Here is a quick overview of what each grade level is working on with their portraits. Below is the link to Artome website for anyone who may be interested.  Artome Website

Kindergarten-  What is a portrait?  Students are learning about different types of portraits.   We discuss looking at their face in mirrors to find more detail.  Students watch the YouTube video posted above to learn the simple shapes used to draw a portrait.   Students practice drawing a self-portrait.  Next we will critique our self portraits, looking for extra details that we can add to our faces to make them more like the "real" us.  After drawing our final self-portraits, students will learn coloring techniques to improve the quality of their coloring.

First Grade- Who's in your family?  Students review the concept of portraits and we discuss the differences between self-portraits and family portraits.  Student view the video above and discuss what makes the members of their families special.  I love hearing all the sweet things the students have to say about their families.  in each students sketchbook I draw ovals to represent the people that live in their house.  The students draw the faces, and clothing onto each person.  They must think very carefully about what special visual characteristics each person in their family maintains. Next we will discuss overlapping the forms to have some people standing in the back while others will be in the front.  Overlapping can be tough at this grade level, especially for students who enjoy personal space.

Second Grade-  Do you breath creativity?  Our second grade students sure do.  We are completing a mixed-media collage that highlights different types of lines.  We begin by each student posing for a picture.  The pictures are cut along the contour and glued to a new sheet of paper.  Students practice drawing a variety of directional lines.  Students are challenged to make the most creative directional lines they can.  Next we will add lines to our final portraits.  The lines should look like they are blowing out of each students mouth.  Students are really looking forward to the array of materials they will use to create the lines.

Third Grade- How's my hair?  Third grade students listen to the story Bad Hair Day by Barney Saltzberg.  This is a lovely story about acceptance and making the best out of life's many mistakes.  The students at NSE have one question at the end of this book.  "Can we have a Crazy Hair Day?"  (I was thinking this would be fun for the whole school to participate in and would also serve as a great reminder if we have our Artome PTO Art sale on the same day. )
Students will sketch out their face and will create a new hair style using their name.  Classroom teachers try to teach the importance of cursive handwriting.  I tell students it is an art and it tells about their personality.  After the names are drawn students fill in the negative spaces with patterns. 
Step One

Fourth Grade- Who is the "King of Pop"?  Well in this case it is Andy Warhol.  Andy Warhol created modern images from mass produced commercial advertisements as a means to connect his art and culture.  He is well know for his use of the Campbell's soup labels and Marilyn Monroe.

Students listen to a story about Andy Warhol and then view a collection of his work to try and understand why the artist created the work.  In the likeness of Any Warhol students take photos that express their personality.  The photos are colored in bright colors.

Fifth Grade- Can you see me?  Students in fifth grade create self-portraits through a mixed-media collage. Students begin with a photo of themselves in black and white.   Using magazine scraps, students cut skin tones that are similar to their own.  The scraps are glued onto their black and white images.  When students have completed enough skin they will use a colored portrait of themselves to collage their features and hair.  The final project will be a collection of skin, hair and clothing, with very distinct eye, nose, mouth and ears. 
We are having a problem finding enough variety of skin colors in our magazines.  If you have magazines that show people of all colors that you would like to donate, please send them in to the art room.  Please tear out any images that are appropriate for our students.   All donations are welcome and greatly appreciated.